Build your legacy with confidence by partnering with RetirePro. Our in-house advisors and attorneys will create a plan that's secure, smart, simple, and fits your unique needs.


prepare for tomorrow today

Avoid protracted probate battles, asset loss, and family squabbles by working with RetirePro to build a complete Estate Plan. Our Wills and Trust services are just one part of our full-service, turn-key retirement services. We can help you manage your assets today and provide for your loved ones tomorrow.

Easy, Convenient Legacy Planning


Putting Your Wishes in Writing

Our in-house attorney will work one-on-one with you to write a Will that ensures your wishes are clear and your assets are protected.

Building the trust you need

There are a wide variety of Trust options. Your RetirePro advisor will help you find the right Estate Planning tools for your legacy.

full circle of services

When you work with RetirePro, you receive a comprehensive set of retirement and legacy services under one roof. Call us today to find out how you can build a better tomorrow.

protect your financial legacy

Your RetirePro advisor can help you set up all the necessary components of a successful legacy, including Wills and Trusts. We have the experience to ask the right questions and guide you in building a comprehensive plan for the future. You worked hard to build a legacy; let RetirePro help you protect it for the next generation.


“I would like to praise and compliment Kim Falbo for all the care and information she was able to give me when I became of age to apply for Medicare. I have recommended her to all my friends and family. When I first sat down with Kim I had so many questions because I was so confused with all the information that is mailed to a person that turns 65. I sat down and Kim immediately made me at ease with her friendly smile and cheerful personality. She was so informative and went over many options and carefully considered my primary care physician and my medications in order to guide me so that I could choose the right plan for me. I left her office so happy that I went to Kim to help guide me into Medicare and I will continue to refer her to everyone that may be able to use her service. GO RETIRE PRO!!!!”
Retiree, 65 years young
"NOBODY told me I could claim Social Security on my deceased ex-husband. I'm now set to receive an extra $996 per year! Thanks for your guidance."
-Retiree, 83 years young
"I called Social Security, and they confirmed that what you told me is correct! I am now all set to receive an additional $15,000 a year. Thank you so much Kim, I would have never known about this option had I not consulted with you!"
-Retiree, 66 years young
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    Our goal is to provide our clients with comprehensive retirement planning services all under the RetirePro umbrella. At RetirePro, our knowledgeable
    advisors have a fiduciary duty to guide our clients toward the options and plans that best fit their unique needs. And because we work as a team, our
    clients can feel confident that each component of the plan supports their ultimate goal: for the best possible retirement years.
    At RetirePro, “We’re Happy to Help”.